Quick Q&A

Question #1

When measuring the abdominal aorta for aneurysm, where should the calipers be placed?

A. Outside wall to inside wall
B. Outside wall to outside wall
C. Across the true lumen
D. Inside wall to inside wall


Question #2

What is the most common type of AAA and space that it typically leaks into?

A. Saccular, intraperitoneal
B. Fusiform, intraperitoneal
C. Saccular, retroperitoneal
D. Fusiform, retroperitoneal


Question #3

The “seagull sign” shows which branches off the abdominal aorta?

A. Common hepatic and splenic arteries
B. Right and left renal arteries
C. Left gastric and common hepatic arteries
D. Superior and inferior mesenteric arteries