Introduction to Ultrasound

POCUS for Diagnosis, Procedures & Service

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POCUS really is about diagnosis. It is about taking this technology, this tool, to the bedside and looking inside the patient to figure out what’s going on with them – what might be wrong, what might not be wrong. It is essential to providing the best we can do for procedural guidance. It makes procedures more effective, faster, and safer. Medicine really is service, and when you take that ultrasound in and you look at the baby inside that woman who is concerned that she might be miscarrying and you see the fetus moving around – it just makes the patient happy, it happens quickly, and it provides a bond between the patient and the clinician. And you should get paid appropriately if you invest in the time, technology, and documentation for doing this. You certainly can do it simply as an extension of the physical examination without documenting or recording images, however if you do it right it really helps to improve the quality and you should get reimbursed.

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