Procedural Ultrasound

US Guided Nerve Block

US Guided Nerve Block

  • In-plane approach
  • Nerve in short axis
  • Visualize anesthetic infiltration

sensor position ultrasound guided nerve block


So the use of ultrasound to help guide nerve block procedures could be a whole lecture in itself covering all the different nerves that we can access and block, but the principles of using ultrasound guidance are relevant here, in this case we are looking at a nerve, perpendicular to the nerve or on the short axis relative to the nerve, we have the needle coming in from the upper right hand corner of the screen in an in plane approach so we are seeing the whole shaft and the tip of the needle coming right adjacent to the nerve which is next to the vessels - we're depositing anesthetic into the area to bathe the nerve and this is the principle of an in-plane short axis approach that we will talk about in a further lecture.

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