Ultrasound Basics

Orientation Conventions

sensor position


So this is what I mentioned about the general versus the cardiology orientation. It really is a convention, it’s sort of like driving on one side of the road in the US we drive on the right, in the UK they drive on the left. They are each internally consistent, however there can be issues when the two worlds collide, and we’ll talk about that a bit more in cardiac imaging especially if you’re doing integrated examinations where you’re doing abdominal exams along with the heart. You need to make a choice about whether you’re going to change the convention or stick with a consistent convention and be aware of that. I have an article on this back from 2008 in academic EM that details this and these are where these illustrations are from, but pretty much we’ll be working with the general convention or orientation where the indicator is on the left side of the screen as it is viewed.

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