Case - 'Drug Problem'

ultrasound training slide image


The best way to show you what POCUS is about is to give you a case. This case is one I had about a year ago. I was working in our emergency department and a young woman came in who was in her 30s. She was put in our resuscitation bay and billed as a drug problem. It was a bad guess, she was the demographic and she was unresponsive, however she received 2 milligrams of Naloxone without a response. When we got in there she was still unresponsive, her heart rate was up and her blood pressure was low and she wouldn�t wake up at all. So we did the normal stuff, gave her an IV and put some fluids in, gave her ICS drugs, prepared to intubate and the resident went ahead with the intubation and I took a look with the Ultrasound. That�s what I do.